Plus Size Style: How Dressing Hawaiian can Flatter your Figure

Exotical Hawaiian Apparel

Many visitors come to our store asking for plus size clothing.  We always have the same answer: of course!  Hawaiian sizes tend to be a bit larger in the first place, but it’s much more than that…

Get into the Aloha Spirit

The people of the Hawaiian islands are widely known for their attitude of friendly acceptance (called the Aloha spirit).  Hawaiians are accepting of a variety of shapes and sizes, from the momona (full-figured), to the wiwi (petite).  They believe every woman can be sexy, which is why Hawaiian women of all sizes wear sensual flowers and colors that evoke sunsets, beaches, and tropical birds.  These vibrant prints evoke happiness and Aloha to the wearer, which is flattering on every woman.  Embrace your beautiful self and wear the colors and styles that make you feel happy.

Mix and Match

Island wear is meant to be comfortable, so Hawaiian clothing tends to feature styles that wrap or tie loosely over the body, creating a flattering look for women of all shapes.  You can easily combine different Hawaiian pieces to display your best features.  For example, a simple tank top can be worn with a wrap skirt and a bright lei.

Cherissa Henoheanäpuaikawaokele Käne Miss Aloha Hula winner 2009

Dare to Accessorize!

Hawaiian wear allows for a lot of expression and personal style.  Adorn your hair with an exotic Orchid or Hibiscus hairflower, or a Plumeria headband.  Every plant and flower has a different meaning in Hawaiian culture, so choose one that matches your personality.  Draw attention to your face with a shell necklace, or coconut earrings.  Leis represent love and luck for the wearer.  They are synonymous with the beauty of Hawaii.

Plus Size Hawaiian Clothes

We embrace the Aloha spirit, which is why our clothing is available in a wide variety of sizes from Petite to Plus Sizes (3XS to 7XL).  And we

Kelsey Marie Ku`ulei Miliama Haina Galago Miss Aloha Contestant 2015

don’t expect you to wear a muumuu either!  Nearly every style we carry goes up to at least 2XL, including our famous pareo wraps, so you can show off those voluptuous curves.

So remember… whether momona or wiwi, we love you all.